7 April 2008

Symphony of Movement

Forward Motion
The City Hall Square is a symphony of urban movement.
Left Turn Bike Lane
A chic cyclist, with a bit of bike infrastructure thrown in.
Yet another basket adorned with flowers.
One Way Street
The best way to go down a one way street is on a bike.


Gratistotal said...

flowers in the basket, spring is here!!
When do you take a pic about copenhaguen kids chic?

heytimes said...

I have some conntribution.I am just waiting for a nice photograph to be takaen.Its a three wheel cycle which can be pedalled by two persons.Wait !!


TimmyNaija said...

really nice stuffs you got, i have been to cph many times just because i lived in south sweden before and from malmö its just 40mins to get there.nice and fun place more lively than sweden