21 April 2008

Sustainable and Sociable

Sustainable Sociability
As ever, cycling in Copenhagen is a sociable affair. You go on dates on your bikes, to the cinema, a café, to work and home again. It's physical. You ride close to each other and can talk freely. You're both in motion, moving forward. Talking. Listening. Being together.
Two Fine Transport Options
Bike. Bus. Both start with B. Coincedence?
Copenhagenize Poster
Here's another poster available on our online boutique. This one features images of Copenhagen's bike culture. Capturing a mood, a style, a way of life.

This poster and the first one will be featured in an upcoming exhibition that will travel around the world. More on that as we get the detailed information.


Lénaic said...

this blogs make me want to come in copenhage. Nice rides and nice girls and nice city too

pilgrimchick said...

It's like motorcycling here in the US, although less noisy and disruptive.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for commenting. less noisy and disruptive, yes, but also more widespread than motorbikes. 37% of the popluation of the city [pop. 1.7 million] ride every day :-)

joearado said...

This is really cool! The social aspect of riding bikes together with friends, girlfriends, boyfriends ect...I havent thought about it since I was a kid. Our bikes meant everything to us, and I mean everything. We did everything and anything on our bikes just like you have shown here. You have brought back great memories to me just now of riding fast jumping ramps and flying through the air on my old Schwinn! I like the girl's on the bikes too! Its hot!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks joearado. a lovely comment. imagine that childhood thrill lasting for a lifetime. such is copenhagen.