23 April 2008

Strolling, Whirling, Flittering

They're just everywhere, these girls on bikes. The grace! The casualness! The everyday coolness of being!

We've said it before. Style over speed. In this photo, it's easy to see who's into it and who isn't. The light is red all the same.


Anonymous said...

Into what? Obviously he's not a beautiful woman, but I thought his ordinary work clothes and briefcase were the best a man could do to promote Cycle Chic. At least he's not wearing some cartoon colored Lycra and dorky helmet the way they all do here in the States.
And shouldn't a man be prepared to get on with the job of getting to work when the light changes? Ignoring the flow of traffic for an assignation via text message is a pretty girl's prerogative.

Anonymous said...

I could not figure out who was chic either... i mean he is in work clothes and she in sweat pants.

Help me figure this one out.. I am willing to place them both into the chic category.

Unknown said...

Hi anonymous,
Thanks for your comment.
Of course I don't blame the guy for not being a beautiful woman - and I also appreciate that he has his own lycra-free style :-)
I was hinting at the fact that you won't make the light change faster by leaning impatiently forward - you might gain a couple of seconds, but what difference do they really make at the end of day?

I myself way too often chase through the traffic but when I see others taking it cool, I remember to slow down to a more human pace. And I guess that's why I like this photo; it shows how cycling can (also) be - elegant, laidback and feelgood.

As I've shown in an earlier post at our sister blog Copenhagenize.com, this relaxed attitude is charming no matter gender, age or clothes:


A&AC project said...

I see the point you're making Marie but I don't think it's the best example of style over speed as I thought it was the guy who actually looks more stylish. She's wearing tracksuit bottoms and trainers!
Was he being impatient? He just looks to me like he's ready to go when the lights change. Just my 2 cents. I enjoy the photos as always though.

Unknown said...

rComputercyclist and christina:
It thrills me that you see the guy as being the chic one! Just shows us how widespread the cycle chic is, doesn't it!?
I originally took the street-style girl for being the chic one but I agree that it wasn't the sharpest juxtaposition of 'Style' vs 'Speed'. Next time I promise to find a less chic counterpart ;-)
Happy you like the pics anyways.

Gratistotal said...

i like all of these looks,however!

village mama said...

I appreciate all your pics too - to me, cycle chics whether stylish, or not, ARE cool ;-)

hautenature* said...

fabulous blog, I love it! Used to live in Copenhagen for architectural school and miss it terribly--this makes the longing even worse. In a positive way.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks all!! great to hear from you.

Knop Blog said...

Nice blog! More scantily clad dismounts, please.