28 April 2008

The Simplicity of Nordic Evenings

It's Monday. It's wallpaper day. Værs'go [Here you go]
Wallpapers from Copenhagen Cycle Chic - 1024x768
Wallpapers from Copenhagen Cycle Chic - 1024x768

Here's a little video poem-thingy using Flickr's new video function:

Here's the laptop-a-doodle versions of the screensavers:
Wallpapers from Copenhagen Cycle Chic - 1680x1050
Wallpapers from Copenhagen Cycle Chic - 1680x1050


zenya said...

nice video!

you are so lucky to have those beatiful bike roads on the side of traffic area (sigh)

bonnie said...

Oh I just LOVE the shadow pictures. I don't know Copenhagen but I've been to Amsterdam. Lots of cycling, not much of a fashion show though.

Kelly said...

Swiss Miss had this on her blog, I thought you might be interested...

B. said...

Just popping by to say I simply adore your blog!

I love your photos and I love your theme! And I love Copenhagen. How much better could it be? ;-)

We don't have the same great bike roads here in Norway and I always admire yours when I'm in Denmark. You guys have done it!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks all!

k: thanks, but we're ahead of you... :-) we posted about it over at Copenahgenize.com... :-)

takk, b!

Nolan O'Brien said...

I'm soooo jealous! how did you get your blog on the Blogger homepage?!?! (I guess it is neat-o. I totally thought the second rider was gonna crash into the first in the video!)

My name's Frida the Chihuahua.

Check out my blog too. You'd be surprised what a five-month-old chihuahua writes!

Frida the Chihuahua

treebough said...

riding a bike with an umbrella is hard.
i once made the mistake of riding a bike with an eye patch.

in either case. awesome.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for the comment.
Frida... no idea how i ended up as a blog of note. lucky i guess. or quality... .-)