12 April 2008

Say Hello to Marie

Say Hello To Marie
Say hello to Marie. She'll be contributing to the blog from now on and we're thrilled to have her on board.

Marie and I are currently writing a book together about Danish bike culture and are having a laugh doing so. Marie is well-versed on the subject after writing her thesis at Uni entitled: "The Modest Democracy of Daily Life - An analysis of the bicycle as a symbol of Danishness". In addition, she does her share of public-speaking on bike culture. So... a big up for Cycle Chic's [and Copenhagenize.com] newest chic member.

Fleeting Chic
A flurry of activity off the light.

Three Out of Four Ain't Bad
Three Out of Four Ain't Bad.


Svend said...

Hi Marie!
You look suitably stylish, the small panier bags look smart as well.

Anonymous said...

So even people you know get the back of head photo treatment? I'm pretty sure that Copenhagen women don't have faces considering all the objective evidence I've seen.

I love seeing the photos but the same angle on 90% of them is a bit tedious.

Samuel said...

Now my wife wants those pink accented panniers :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Svend and Samuel,

I am also very fond of my pink bags which I bought at a second hand shop last year. Although they are meant to fit a kid's bike and feature Mickey and Donald on the sides, I really love them.

They make it so easy to find my bike in Copenhagen's mahlstrom of parked bikes. Furthermore, they make my flashy new bike look much older and shabbier than it really is, which is an important prevention factor against bike theft...

As for anonymous' comment, don't be shy to join in and send us photos of bike chicas from your part of the world - face in view and all!

Cheers, Marie

Anonymous said...

Pink panniers would've been a nice touch on a Flamingo-colored old Schwinn I recently refurbed and placed with an urbane young lady in the Upper Midwest US.

She's stylish enough I suspect she'll be customizing her ride soon enough, and with the proliferation of chic-cycling blogs, based on Zak's original of course, I wouldn't be surprised for her and her bike to turn up on one of em before too long.

A&AC project said...

Hi Marie! *waves from Ireland*
A book? sounds interesting.
I've thought before that there is a great coffee table photographic book to be made about the the subject of your blog here.
When can we expect it published? -if you're allowed to tell ;)and please say it will be published in English?

Gratistotal said...

oh welcome to Marie!! She seems pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Hej Marie, good to have you on board, greetings from Melbourne.

Kristin Tieche said...

Welcome, Marie! Awesome coat!!!

Unknown said...

Hi alf, Christina, Raquel, Martin and kt,

Thanks for the warm welcome!
I can't wait to blog for you...

We don't really know when the book will be done - it's a long process - but we'll sure let you know when it's out!