27 April 2008

Copenhagen Cycle Chic Goes Global

Copenhagen Cycle Chic is spreading. Thanks for all the guest photos!
Guest photo from Australia
Another stellar shot from Lucy in Australia. Lucy sells restored vintage bikes on Ebay and this is one of her happy customers in Gold Coast. I love this shot, not least because I lived there for six months back in the day and have surfed that very break in the background. Ah, memories.

Cool shot from João in Portugal. Check out his cool blog about Portugal's bike capital, Ílhavo here.

Guest Photo from Poland
Cool Cycle Chic in Poland from the streetstyle blog KajakowoGuest Photo from Munich
A splash of Munich cycle chic from my mate G-fried.
Guest Photo
This landed in the inbox from a reader. Classic bike, as seen by the thousands in Copenhagen.
NYC Bicycle Commuter, Park Drive West @ 7th Ave.
A splash of New York Cycle Suit Chic from Bicyclesonly on Flickr.

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village mama said...

thanks for sharing your links, lovin' the Portuguese one