23 April 2008

The Art of Traversing a Square and other photos

The Art of Traversing a Square
The typical Copenhagen way of getting around the "don't ride on the square" law. She's not riding, she's coasting.

Twelve Women and Half a Man
Twelve Women and Half a Man. Goodness me. On this stretch of street there are 25,000 cyclists a day. It wasn't a bad thing to see so many female Copenhageners at the light. Sorry I didn't have time to photoshop that helmet out of the photo. :-)

Blue Shoes and an Admirer
It's springtime. Men look at women. Women look at men. It's anthropology.

Sunglasses Check
Total style over speed.


village mama said...

anthropology on two wheels, love it!

Am a cycle chic mama (like your clan, boy and girl), would be ever so grateful for more and more mamas riding with kids photo essays. I've scanned your archives, and I'm still not satiated. Thanks from Toronto Canada!!

Unknown said...

Beatiful pictures!
It must be fascinating to ride all over the Copenhagen and to be a Copenhagen Cycle Chic.
Hi from Ruma!

Samuel said...

"It's springtime. Men look at women. Women look at men. It's anthropology."
Are you sure that guy isn't looking at you, thinking "Photo stalker!"
Just kidding ;-)

2whls3spds said...

Love the coasting...I do the same thing at work. We are not allowed to ride on the sidewalks at the plant I work at, so we coast.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Spring! Men look at women, women look at men (and probably some same-sex looking, too). "It's biology!" I wanted to add. Ha ha. I am loving your blog. It's very inspiring. I've looked at it several days in a row. The photos are great! I've enjoyed exploring your good set of links, too. I had my breath taken away when I set eyes on the Velorbis Victoria bikes. It made me want to cry that I'd already dropped so much on my Giant. I love looking at the stylish women of Copenhagen. I also really liked it when you featured some men, too. More hot Danish dudes, please! Loved the older man with the driving gloves from France. Love the mamas & kids, especially, as I am a mama. It's too bad we have to look so dorky here in the U.S. to make sure that cars actually see us. It's sad I don't feel safe biking where I live and I don't like breathing all the car fumes. Fun and positive-influence blog. Keep on!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for the comments! always wonderful to read them.