25 April 2008

19 Copenhagen Minutes

There is a website out there that features 82 pictures of Amsterdam bicycles in 73 minutes, taken by a tourist. I was sitting on a bench with a friend, enjoying the sunshine yesterday, and I got a spontaneous idea. I started shooting photos and ended up with 52 decent photos in 19 minutes before I had to head home.

The photos were taken between 14:01 and 14:20 on 24 April 2008. They only represent a fraction of the bikes that went past in both directions. Here are some of the highlights in true Cycle Chic style, but the whole set features all manner of Copenhageners. Young and old, men and women, old bikes and new bikes. You name it.

14:10 - 19 Copenhagen Minutes
Taken at 14:10
14:04 - 19 Copenhagen Minutes
Taken at 14:04
14:02 - 19 Copenhagen Minutes
Taken at 14:02
14:12 - 19 Copenhagen Minutes
Taken at 14:12

In order to see the whole set in all it's glory, you can see it on this Flickr Slideshow - it opens in a new window.


Sarah said...

Great set of photographs!

The lake background reminds me... When I was running around the lakes this morning I noticed that one of the bycykels had already gotten tossed in! Poor guy survived only a week before getting sent to a watery grave! :)

I think it's in Sortedamsø on the far side, by Østerbrogade, if you want to pay it a visit! :)

village mama said...


A&AC project said...

I really liked the flash set. I like how it shows people from different cultures and traditions in your lovely city-particularly the photo of the Jewish man crossing the road.

Anonymous said...

Why would you assume he's Jewish?

Nice photos. It looks like a beautiful day

--The Chic Jewess

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, see? Much more interesting than your typical back of the head shots. It's about time we saw fixed gear too! Very nice. I was beginning to think Copanhagen is a backward, insulated, dull bicycling town.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for the comments. i actually thought the chap in the first photo was an Orthrdox Jew at first, but turns out he's just funky.

Regarding the fixed gear [here today, gone tomorrow] fad, remember what we wrote in the 18 ways to know you live in a bike culture post... At number one:

1. ”Fixed gear” is something than happens after you take your old Raleigh down to one of the 20-30 bike shops in your neighbourhood to have them look at ”broken gear”.


Anonymous said...

hehe, that's funny.

I love your "more funkalicious" gallery design, but I was a little disappointed that there was no funky music playing.

hautenature* said...

Such chic looking photos! I love Copenhagen.

Unknown said...

This is just outstanding! I am awed at the sheer number … all in 19 minutes!
This proves beyond a shadow of doubt Copenhagen Rules (a testimony as well to the excellent eye of the Zak the photographer)!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks everyone!

david... tell me how to get music into the code and I'll put some on.

ridingpretty: thanks and remember these were only the ones i fancied taking photos of. literally a fraction of the actual number of cyclists.

Anonymous said...

Wow, after looking at several other posts it looks like it's always sunny there! Makes me want the rain here in Portland, OR to go away :)

Kristin Tieche said...

This is fantastic! The first photo has the City Bikes in the background, no? Can tourists rent those too? (Future reference for when I visit the cycle haven that is Copenhagen, because these photos make me envious.)

Megas said...

I must say. This is one of the more unique blogs I have seen. It has really opened my eyes as to how large and unique the world is and I am not just living in this little microcosm everyday.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks! The City Bikes are mostly for tourists. They're free. www.bycyklen.dk

Kristin Tieche said...

Free bikes for tourists? I love your city even more! Looking forward to cycling in style in Copenhagen this summer!

Colville-Andersen said...

you just need a 20 kroner coin and you pop it in to release the lock and you get it back when you're done. like shopping trolleys.

Anonymous said...

Holy Christ, I'm glad you included a non-Flash version. Is this the future of the Internet? Man, I must be getting old.

Mark in Santa Barbara

Colville-Andersen said...

haha... go and have a lie down if you're dizzy, Mark... :-)

bedava oyun indir said...

I really liked the flash set. I like how it shows people from different cultures and traditions in your lovely city-particularly the photo of the Jewish man crossing the road.