5 March 2008

Winter's Last Gasp

First a fierce sleetstorm two days ago and then a sudden snowstorm. All after a tame, dull winter. The point is that people just get on with it, on their bikes, muscling their way through the weather. It always impresses me. Click on the photos to see them larger on Flickr.
Sleetstorm Family with Teddy Bear Sleetstorm Musician Sleetstorm Kronan Inside and Out
While we're on snowstorms, I find it fascinating that this photo:
Snowstorm Brochure
features on the cover of a brochure for Adult Education courses [Italian for Beginners, Learn to Knit, etc]. My friend Marie included this observation in her thesis about Danish bike culture.

There are few countries where a photo of a female cyclist struggling through a snowstorm would be used to sell a product.


KULBE said...

I don't smoke, but I might re-consider it looking at that pictures advertising:


Colville-Andersen said...

just don't wear marlboro clothes... they're so kitsch.

Chris the Biking Penguin said...

A little off topic, but when I read "Italian for Beginners" in the post I had to chuckle. I liked that movie.

Colville-Andersen said...

Not a fan of the film myself, but the fact that you have seen it earns you a load of street cred in my book!