25 March 2008

Paris Cycle Chic - The Velorution is Underway

The urban landscape of Paris has changed drastically since the introduction of the Velib bike sharing programme. Velibs are hot and they are now beyond trendy. They are a part of the fabric of the life of the city. And as more people use them, they'll soon get their own bike and the [r]evolution will snowball. I am looking forward to the day when Paris is a humming cyclocity like Copenhagen. Photo by RuiPeriera.
Rue des Francs Bourgeois - Paris (France)
There are even Copenhagen-style rush hours these days in the streets of Paris. [okay, that's a relative postulate... you'll need another 85 bikes in that picture for a true Copenhagen rush hour... but what a great start]
Place du Carrousel - Paris (France)
And that classic European photo... now with Velibs.

It's wonderful that over 60 European cities of all sizes now have bike sharing programmes but it is when the big cities like Paris really start to embrace urban cycling that changes are made and The New Age of Urban Cycling really takes off.

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that first dress is so cute! love it!