6 March 2008

A Number of Things

Heading West

I don't really look at the stats of this blog too much. Once in awhile it's interesting. For ages there was only 1 visitor from North Dakota. Now, out of the blue, there are four. I'm fascinated. It's a massive statistical increase. Copenhagen Cycle Chic is BIG in North Dakota. North Dakotans! Come forward! Let us salute you!

After a splendid exchange of comments regarding chainguards, skirtguards and fenders, I took a photo of all the fenders in the bike shed. There are four bike sheds outside our flat, but I only took photos in the one. I was well chuffed that the Great Joe Breeze popped by for a comment. (okay, I had to google him, but my American mates filled me in... what a career he has had!)
Fender Frenzy

La Danoise
"Bicycle posters flatter the liberated woman and her beauty and independence compliment the product's quality. In addition, the artwork shows how easy it is for the feminine sex to handle the bicycle, just as the women pictured are a testament to the femininity that isn't lost, but rather is increased, by cycling.

"The era's modern man, in sporty outfits, also features on bike posters but he is often given the role of the unlucky cyclist with a broken chain or a puncture. More often than not he rides behind the woman, who either overtakes him or is in front of the peloton.

"At the moment the concept of the Danish Cycle Girl was created, the bike poster visualised her more convincingly than any other medium."
Lars Dybdahl in "Den danske plakat" - The Danish Poster.

And remember, bloggers and blogettes! Nobody likes a whiner. :-)


joeyTWOwheels said...

Breeze is commenting? I better pay attention to more than the pics then.

He built the dropouts used on my mountain bike. Amazing designer and velo advocate.

P.S. I'm one of the reasons that great state of Texas is green. I'm in Austin, and have some good spring pics to share (soon).

bck said...

Blog site statistics can be fascinating! I access you from Kansas, but my sister lives in Fargo, North Dakota and cycles everywhere.

Svend said...

I first heard of Joe Breeze last week when I saw a screening of "Klunkers", a look at some of the first mountain bike creators out of Marin County California. Gary Fisher was also featured.
Interesting characters!

Colville-Andersen said...

Looking forward to the photos, joeytwowheels!

bck... indeed. Wyoming is next on the USA list with 6 visits. Burkina Faso is represented with 9. :)

Anonymous said...

You don't know of an on-line store, with international delivery, where I can buy chain-guards and coat-guards to fit to my bicyles? I've spent a bunch of time searching in english, but haven't had any luck.

2whls3spds said...

which country? I have several links to some shops in the US and UK that stock some of those items.


TOMMY GUN said...

North Dakota, represent! They might have clicked over to København from here.
-701 for life

Moderator said...

Great site! I hope more people from Boston, New Haven and New York will be visiting your site. Copenhagen is a model for cities like ours!

Peter said...

You have dominant North Dakota market share!

Colville-Andersen said...

Indeed. Most people want to be 'big in Japan'... i want to be 'big in North Dakota'... :-)

Jonna said...

I noticed Washington State is highlighted. I'm representing Seattle! Love your site.