23 March 2008

Guest Photos: Japan and Texas

Thanks to Joe, in Austin, Texas, for this great guest photo. We love the contrast between the chic cyclist and the behemoth pick up truck.
"This image was taken last week. I had to fumble for the camera, as the lady in blue sported a much better pose before she began to pedal off to the next concert (they are everywhere during SXSW week). Alas, she shoved off and left us with this. Typical of the hip set in Austin: summer dress, cowgirl boots and leisurely vintage bikes are all the rage."
Thanks, Joe, for showing a bit of Cycle Chic from Texas. If we could hand out honourary keys to the city of Copenhagen, this cyclist would get one.
Harajuku Cycle Chic:
Tokyo, Quartier de Harajuku
The wild, mad Harajuku neighbourhood of Tokyo.
Okubo JR Station: Two Girls on Bike
Only the Japanese have thirty-five ways to double on a bike.

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joeyTWOwheels said...

Well thank you, Zach, for the daily distraction. It makes me want to visit Copenhagen even more.