24 March 2008

Guest Photos: Cordoba, Spain

One of our biggest fans and frequent comment writers, Raquel from Gratis Total fashion blog, sent us some photos from Córdoba. She's been itching to take some cycle chic photos and finally got the chance during easter holidays in her hometown.

Mucho gracias, Raquel, for giving us insight into bike culture and cycle chic in Córdoba. Now you have to take even more and send them to us regularly!

Every city and town worth its salt has a bike share programme these days and Córdoba is no exception.

Cyclists getting on with it - in their regular clothes - in the heart of Córdoba.


Raquel said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my photos look better here!!

Raquel said...

I will announce it in my blog

Anonymous said...

you have made more advertisement for the city than Rosa Aguilar
El mismo de siempre, desde Dinamarca

Zakkaliciousness said...

Maybe Rosa doesn't try hard enough... :-9

Raquel said...

Rosa Aguilar is the mayor of Cordoba.