5 March 2008

Guest Photos: Italy and Portland

Nouvelle Vague Bike, originally uploaded by Federico Erra.

A stunning find on Flickr, taken by the excellent photographer Federico Erra.

Brilliant mood and cycle chic to boot.

Below is another fine shot by Patrick Finntastic in Portland. He's titled it The Fastest Girl in the World:
the fastest girl in the world


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my shot! I have been reading the blog but not posting because I am still formulating my opinions. I think this summer will be monumental for growth and creativity in the Portland bicycle culture. People here are reading your blog, so your opinion counts. Be gentle with us, please. We are neanderthals.

Colville-Andersen said...

you're welcome. i'm looking forward to hearing your take on what some people have been writing about portland.

just out of curiosity.