19 March 2008

Guest Photo: Banff - Rocky Mountain Cycle Chic

Town Bikes of Banff, originally uploaded by Banff Lake Louise.

Steve sent us the link to this cool photo from the winter wonderland of Banff, Canada. I spent many years growing up nearby and I know the secret to every black diamond piste within 100 km of the town centre... :-)

Steve tells us how bike culture is blossoming in the Canadian Rockies:

"Thought you might be interested to know that Copenhagen's influence has spread to Banff, Alberta, Canada: the local municipal government offers interest-free loans to city staff who buy bikes to commute to work. It only makes sense in a town that exists in the middle of one of Canada's original National Parks.

Banff and Lake Louise are famous for their mountain biking, but you'll see locals riding to work and touring Banff Avenue on their high-end "town bikes."

Costing as much as several thousand dollars, the town bikes are mountain style at its finest."

Brilliant news and a fantastic initiative, Steve! Those bikes are coolliciousness. It's Cycle Chic, sure - but you guys make it all your own.

We just coined the phrase... everybody has their own angle and Banff has theirs hammered down.

See more cool bikes and photos on Banff-Lake Louise's Flickr photostream.


Anonymous said...

Hey, love how the rider has matched the pink of the bike's rims with the toque. Or is it the other way around. Anyway, it's high level stuff.

Colville-Andersen said...

Given the altitude, high level is appropriate :-)
Haute couture indeed