10 March 2008

Friends Forever [and a podcast]

Friends Forever
There are many, many ways to describe in photos the casualness of Copenhagen's bike culture. We try to do it everyday on this blog. Once in awhile we take a photo that sums it up just a bit more effectively than normal.

Two friends on a bike. Riding slowly along the bike lane. Weaving back and forth but not enough to prevent other bikes from passing. Just one friend doubling the other. Destination unknown and quite possibly unimportant. A moment of quiet togetherness, friendship.

It's not always this poetic on the bike lanes, but fortunately it happens often enough. Biking in Couples is an integral part of urban bike culture.

Yesterday I was interviewed about this blog by the good people at the groovy KommunicationsCast - a weekly podcast about communication and media in Denmark. Since weekend activities are dictated by the whims of our children, I found myself in a wind-blown parking lot near the Eksperimentarium - a science museum for kids - when they called me on my mobile at the arranged time. Ironically, there was nary a cycle in sight.

This bit of press news is probably as useless as a wearing cricket pads to a bar mitzvah to the vast majority of you, since it is in Danish. But for those who are familiar with the suave, gutteral tongue of the Danes, you can either hear the podcast on their website, or you can download it from there.

While we'll always recommend you hear the whole cool show - every week - the interview about Copenhagen Cycle Chic can be found at about 34:00 minutes in the 44 minute long podcast.

Thanks to Mikkel and Katrine for the chance to spout off nonsense to thousands of listeners... .-)


Steph said...

Hello! Just found your blog. I'm a passionate utilitarian-style biker chick in the Midwest, USA. Thank you for this blog! Very fun!

Colville-Andersen said...

Welcome, steph. Great to here from you.
Here in Copenhagen you're just called a 'cyclist'! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Great interview with Emme and Mikkel; if you ever need somebody to cover the city with stickers, just drop me an email, and I'll get right to it!


Colville-Andersen said...

cool, mark, thanks!
i have to figure out where the hell to get them made, first. any ideas for a trykkeri in DK?

Anonymous said...

http://lasertryk.dk/ - I heard this is the best place... Not necessarily the cheapest, but it's very good quality for the price! And they're located in Frederiksberg somewhere, so you can just grap your bike and go right down and talk to them in person, if that's better...

When you need someone to recruit an army of sticker-putters, drop me a mail at mark-at-marks-dot-dk, and I'll spread them 'round :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I lied :( They're located in Århus, actually. That's a bit of a trip on your bike... Anyways, you can still use their website to order!

Colville-Andersen said...

very cool
i'll check them out.