30 March 2008

Cycle Chic in Calgary & Geneva

Vic from The Lazy Randonneur blog sent us this great shot of Cycle Chic in Calgary, Canada.

"Here's a picture of my friend Sarah test riding Dahon folding bikes in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She bought the pea green Dahon D7 and rides it fashionably around downtown getting to and from one fabulous moment after another. I enjoy your blog - keep up the good work... Vic"

Thanks, Vic. What a great photo of Cowtown Chic. We like Calgary. They have the legendary Danish-Canadian Club on 11th Ave. Some of the best Danish food outside of the Kingdom. You have to be a member, but that just means you have to meet a Dane [and get them to buy you lunch...]

Here's a little taste of Cycle Chic in Basel, Switzerland, by nchenga at Flickr. Basel is a great cycling city. Built on the steep banks of the Rhine it's more than hilly and yet 23% of all trips are made by bike, on a well-developed network of bike lanes. Just one of many cycling cities that disprove the "you only ride alot in Copenhagen 'cause it's flat..." myth.

And this little pearl below is a great photo from Geneva, taken by Stephen. Personalising your bike in creative ways is the best part of bike culture.
grass bike

[I feel a Swiss theme coming up... stay tuned]


Vik said...

Thanks for posting my pic Mikael...=-) I'll be on the look out for more Cowtown Chic as things warm up in Alberta!

Gratistotal said...

The bike tuning, a new fashion trend

Unknown said...

The grass in the basket looks sweet. Creativity know's no bounds

Colville-Andersen said...

my pleasure, vic.

methinks the grass is plastic, but cool nonetheless