1 February 2008

Moi, cycliste - Back in town.

Moi, cycliste
Just as Aaron buggered off to Dubai, I have returned from 14 days on the Red Sea with my wifealicious and two kidtastics.
Until I get out on the bike lanes again... here's a shot of yours truly on my wicked cool Velorbis Scrap Deluxe from a couple of weeks back. Long coat by Bruuns Bazaar, shoes by Lloyd, jeans by Boss, shades by Bertoni, scarf and gloves... origins unknown.

I can see we have a slough of guest photos in the inbox, so get ready for some international cycle chic...


KULBE said...

so cool... I was going to ask you about your jacket.
I do wish to buy something similar, like the one I saw worn by RR playing the CONDOR:


Yesterday mine was stolen at the swimmingpool.. a pretty nice MURPHYANDNYE goretex one. :-(

Rob said...

I hope Aaron doesn't need the internet in Dubai, with the cable cut in the med yesterday. They said a week or two before its fixed.

Can't wait to see some internation cycle chic!!!

Niels R. said...

After this post I gave up my RSS subscription... WTF am I interested in the brands of your clothes!

I wear H&M, We, Springfield and some other lower class brands... Any message about that info?

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, kulbe... great photo of Mr Redford there.

rob: no internet to the Gulf? they must be paralysed.

niels: relax, mate. one little fashion post out of hundreds of posts will not kill you.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the face behind the blog ... although for complete consistency we should really have had a shot of you from behind.

Anonymous said...

But where are the high heels?