6 February 2008

The Lake Pepin 3-speed Touring Club

A while back we introduced our readers to the fine cyclo-sartorialists at Tweed.cc - a bespoke cycling club in the UK.

We are most pleased to plug a similar club in Minnesota, USA - The Lake Pepin 3-speed Tour. An all-English and lycra-free event!

This lot take the slogan "style over speed" extremely seriously. By and large it is an annual tour of Lake Pepin in the tradition of pre-war British cycle touring. Here's what they say on their website:

"The Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour is based on cycle touring in pre-war England. It was a gentlemanly time; few people owned a car and recreation based on automobiles was extremely limited. To get away for the weekend they would pack a few things, mount up and head to the country.

"...here is a list of some of the things we leave behind: derailleurs, lycra, target heart rates, SPD, SIS, STI, HRM, XTR, etc. There will be no sprinting, spinning, drafting nor will there be any carbon fiber, drillium or unobtanium. Please note we are not advocating being a retro-grouch or ridicule those with alloy handlebars but instead we are asking you to strip away all you know modern cycling to be and hop aboard your £5 Thrift Store Raleigh and come with.

"Leave your lycra and Johnny-Rebel competitive spirit at home and instead, bring your sense of adventure. Wear something appropriate for eagle watching or sitting in a café and bring an honest-to-goodness rain cape because, of course, it rains in England. Be prepared to make new friends and be swept away by the scenery. Be prepared to stop here and there to take a photo or complain about your hard saddle or make an entry in your Tourbook. Be prepared to keep in mind it's not the destination you'll remember but the journey."

What a dreamy concept. We wish the good folk of 3-speed Touring the very best of luck and a hearty tailwind on the slight inclines!


2whls3spds said...

I participate in the alternate event at www.abcetour.com It takes place in September. Currently the Lake Pepin tour is "sold out" for the 2008 season. It happens earlier every year. Other events are in the works. For what it is worth my trusty Raleigh 3 speed is my favorite form of transport.

Colville-Andersen said...

wondeful. thanks for the link and the comment!