1 February 2008

Guest Photo: Tianjin, China

We reported on the demise of Chinese Bike Culture over at The Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog, but we're pleased that Charley chose to share his insight into bike culture in Tianjin. Here's what he has to say:
"Enjoy your biking blogs - Copenhagen looks great. I live in Tianjin, China, where bicycling is still the primary form of transport, although automobiles are just now starting to take a more visible part in the city landscape. It’s a city of over 10 million people, and the home of China’s first mass produced bike, the Flying Pidgeon, so it is a strong bastion of bicycling culture- literally millions of bikes on the road every day in town. Bikes are everywhere- every student college student, working age, old grannies and grandpas all pedal to do their daily activities."
Thanks, Charley! Two great shots. Especially love the drive in for bikes. Here in Copenhagen people often roll up to bank machines to withdraw money without getting off their bikes.


Gratistotal said...

Ohhh i loved these photos! China is my unfinished travel

Anonymous said...

Tianjin: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kulbe/1277086847/

This 10M town is also home of Toyota Motors..

I will be there on April the 8th, again!

Anonymous said...

I love how elegant the couple look.

Colville-Andersen said...

indeed... lovely photos.
ironic... home of the flying pigeon AND toyota.