26 February 2008


It got cold again today. The first pair of earmuffs I've seen for a while, but she wore them well.


DeepBlueSea said...

Earmuffs, and a fur (or faux) scarf. (I hope it's a scarf!)

Certainly looks chilly up there at the moment.

Coming from me, who will today be investigating flights to Sweden. But arrival there will be May-June. Looking forward to it!

ciao bello

Colville-Andersen said...

Where are you going in Sweden? Check out flights to Copenhagen - a larger airport with more flights to and fro - and only 10 km by train from Malmö, Sweden. Might be cheaper.

And if you come to CPH, let us know. We'll let you buy us beer... .-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 'generous' offer! ;o)

The destination is Gothenburg...
If possible I'll go via Cph - I like that airport. Always try to avoid Frankfurt, Amsterdam Schiphol (Shithole) and especially the UK. Much greater risk of delays, lost luggage etc when flying through those really big hubs. Plus, from SE Asia, you're travelling PAST Scandinavia, then flying back. No, gimme CPH Lufthavn anyday!
Hopefully can find flights with good connections, on Thai, Singapore or SAS.
Längtar redan!

PS Yes a beer. But with those cph airport prices, it'll have to be a small beer, just the one thanks! Alternatively we crack open my duty-free tinnies and go slouch in a corner somewhere...
Oh, and you supply the flæskesvær!

Colville-Andersen said...

with the new Metro gliding right to the airport, it's only four stops to the beach. not a bad stopover. :-)
Bring Cascade Beer... i miss it.

Anonymous said...

"wonderful bike lanes throughout town"...?? Sorry, but you're mistaken. Did you try any of those lanes while on a bike? They may look good, but having lived nearly 5 years in Stockholm(and riding my bike every day to work), I must say that the bike lanes there - while no doubt well intended - are very badly constructed. It's clear that whoever designed them were not cyclists themselves. Bike lanes are narrow (sometimes not allowing one cyclist to overtake another), and in many cases they are shared with other road users, such as pedestrians, and/or parked cars. In addition to slowing down the cyclist, this creates dangerous near misses on an almost daily basis... I feel much safer and more comfortable on bike in Copenhagen than in Stockholm.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for that, birgitte.
i spoke with 4 or 5 cyclists in Stockholm and they were positive about the bike lanes.

but i'm pleased to hear your point of view based on your experience. thanks for that.