15 January 2008

Galoshes, b'gosh!

The whole point of this blog is to show how cycling and bike culture can be effortless. Just wear your regular clothes and slow down if you start to sweat.

If it snows and the slush on the bike lanes is a tad too harsh on our lovely [pricey] shoes, we opt for a pair of Swims. A modern twist on a pair of tradtional galoshes, Swims protect our bespoke footwear with style.

They come in a variety of groovy colours so it won't be a tiring task to find a pair to match your wardrobe or, more importantly, your bike.

Prices start at £60 for the models pictured and £80 for the Mobster, a model providing more ankle protection if you're particularly fond of your stockings or trouser legs.

All this and more on their website: SWIMS


Butchie said...

Too much like Crocs for me. Do not want.

the mostly reverend said...

WOW! 60-80 pounds?
has the dollar dropped THAT much?
that seems to be a LOT for a pair of galoshes.
just how much ARE those snazzy shoes we see on the feet of all those lovely women cyclists?