1 January 2008

Copenhagen Chic New Years

It was 18:17 on New Year's Eve in Copenhagen.
Temperature: 1 degree.
The streets and bike lanes were busy with people heading to parties and get togethers.

An expectant mood. So expectant that one doesn't give riding in a skirt and heels in that temperature a second thought.

Happy New Year from Copenhagen Cycle Chic!


Lynn & Horst said...

this pic is really great
esp the fur coat texture meeting the texture of the lantern post and the dark light mood...
brilliant and really keen of the girl!

Sveden said...

1 degree Celsius? Thats a friggin heat wave! Perfect weather for riding in a skirt and tights. Its currently -20C here in Minneapolis.

Zakkaliciousness said...

thanks, lynn and horst!

sveden... that's funny... :-) especially since the word "sveden" means 'the sweat' in Danish... :-)

the mostly reverend said...

i've used this woman as the poster child for my only new year's resolution.


i welcome any suggestions,
and i'll keep you apprised of any progress.
thanks so much!

Raquel said...

oh!!! maybe the girl is spanish (because the flag in the bike)


Zakkaliciousness said...

good luck, mostly reverend...

and raquel... i can see what you mean, although it is a just a lucky reflection. what looks like the spanish flag is just her back light lit up by the car's headlights. :-)