9 January 2008

Bike Path Red

Bike Path Red, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

Sunshine illuminating redness on a gloriously wide Copenhagen bike path.

This is how bike lanes should be everywhere. Wide and smooth and, if you look up ahead of the cyclist, the lane splits. One lane for continuing straight on, another for turning right. Not to mention dedicated traffic lights for bikes.

Oh, and lovely cyclists in red should be a prerequisite on any bike lane, too.

The bike lane in this shot is wider than the Copenhagen average. Looks to be over three metres. The average width in Copenhagen is 2.2 metres [increasing to 2.5 metres by 2010].

It's wider because this is one of the main arteries into Copenhagen. Over 20,000 cyclists will use this stretch each day. That creates the need for bike lanes with dedicated traffic lights and turning lanes.


Gratistotal said...

Why do you only take a photo of the back??

Anonymous said...

Great! The best blog about cycling I ever met.
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Web said...

People can always claim this or that but photos offer proof. Give us more photos of commuters going to and from work in Copenhagen on their bikes! The more cheesecake, the better ;-)


S. said...

This is the best idea for a blog ever ever! Riding my bike wearing heels is my favorite thing to do. I can't wait till the summer comes so I can resume.

Anonymous said...

Great site..would like you see pics of ladies on folding bikes. I'm sure there is a few about.


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Colville-Andersen said...

raquel: it's a photographic style choice.

p.r.baptista: thanks!

web: oh, we will. :-)

s.: thanks! consider sending us a guest photo!

anon: your wish is our command.