18 December 2007

Tweed, Not Speed

Once in awhile, shards of brilliance appear on the cycling radar.
Jack Thurston, from www.thebikeshow.net dropped us a line and brought our attention to a wonderful cycling club. Tweed.cc.
IMG_7657 (by kit oates)
A British club that places style over speed and elegance over exertion. Not unlike the cyclists on the bike lanes in Copenhagen. Although Tweed.cc take it one spoke further. Here's what they say about their goals:

"For today's cyclist, skin tight lycra may promise a reduction in wind resistance but also in decorum. A reflective yellow vest guarantees high visibility, but who would wish to be seen in such a garment? Certainly not the members of the Tweed Cycling Club. The Club's wheelmen and ladymembers wish for a return to the honest virtues of lugged steel, dynamo lighting and canvas saddlebags."

"Why spend a king's ransom on the latest titanium confection when any weight advantage will be rendered irrelevant by a cheese-and-pickle sandwich and thermos of soup?"

Indeed. These cyclo-sartorialists speak our language. In a way they are the cycling version of the Slow Food movement. We wish them well on their slow-paced, 'let's-stop-for-a-shandy-and-a-ciggie-shall-we' journey through the cycling landscape.

Have a gander at their website.


Anonymous said...

Pretty natty, those guys. Are you aware that in the Upper Midwest USA, the core group residing mostly in Minnesota, there's a loose collection of Gentleman Cyclists who enjoy similar activity? <<3speedtour.com/>>

I have tried 4 times now to get this blog to accept my listing of the Gentleman Clyclist URL and hopefully if I cut enough of the "common" URL things like the h_ _ p and the "w_w" stuff the URL will get through and still be recognizable to a human wanting to check out the web site.

Anonymous said...

Good, I see that the 5th time it went thru. Please note that one must precede the "3" with the ususl "www".

DeepBlueSea said...

The website is classic. Love the writing.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for the link anonymous... we'll be sure to get a post written about 3speedtour.com!

indeed, deepbluesea... they sure are clear about who they are...