5 December 2007

The Nocturnal Life of Copenhagen Bikes

Bicycle Night (by [Zakkaliciousness])
A spot of darkness doesn't stop the bikes in Copenhagen.

Neon Soup (by [Zakkaliciousness])
The bikes continue to roll, people continue to pedal their way from here to there and back again.


Anonymous said...

I'm so struck by the way nobody seems to wear high-visibility jackets in Copenhagen - or maybe you just don't photograph those ones? I'd love to lose my bright yellow jacket - it's really not my colour - but if I cycled in a black coat in London I'd be heading for an accident

Being able to cycle at night in dark colours is a sign of a truly bike friendly city. London's got a long, long way to go.

Colville-Andersen said...

If bright coloured yellow jackets become frightfully trendy in Copenhagen, then you'd see them... :-)

People just wear their own clothes. They ride on bike lanes in safety, separated from the cars.

At intersections one must watch out, but the motorists are cyclists, too and the streets are generally well lit, so I for one never really think about it.

London is on the right track, though.

Lee said...

Is there a standard of lights/reflectors that one must have in Copenhagen, and do the authorities look to enforce this? Just curious, years ago here in NY the police were looking for bells on bikes and such.

Jeff Werner said...

Now this is an interesting view we don't get often: cycling night fashion.

Anders said...

Lee: Your bike must be equipped with reflectors pointing to the side and pointing backwards. Also at night you must ave lights fornt and back or you vil get fined 500 dkr / 100 dollars. Bonus info: The cars must have the lights turned on during the day (as well as night). Same type of light around the clock

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for all the comments.
thanks, anders, for the info on the law.
i have a post HERE with the danish traffic law regarding bike lights.