1 December 2007

Guest Photo: Victoria, Canada

This just popped into our inbox. Ferried by bits and bytes through cyberspace all the way from Victoria, Canada. Thanks very much to Ariella for sending this wonderful photo of her good friend riding her lovely old Phillips cruiser bike on a splendid fall day.

"I recently read about your blog in a copy of Momentum that I picked up in Victoria, BC, and have been reading it ever since! It's fantastic! I've also been reading Cycleliciousness which is also awesome.

"I don't even think about biking as something I do, it just IS something I do. Reading about your bike culture has been quite inspiring to me and encourages me to keep on doing what I do, just living and biking daily, in stylish clothes and all."

More power to you, Ariella. You're just out there doin' it. Getting it done. (which is really the point of our controversial Critical Mass or Critical Miss? post). You have our utmost respect and we are thrilled to include your photo here in the growing Guest Photo category. Thanks for thinking of us and feel free to send more photographic gems!


gabrielamadeus said...

not to mention Victoria is home to the beautiful and talented Velovixens!


Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, gabriel! how appropriate is THAT!