6 December 2007

Bike Parking and Stockings

Bike Parking, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

Outside a metro station near here. You always try to remember where you parked your bike, but you still have to search for it.

And it doesn't hurt to do it looking fabulous, in boots and layered stockings, which are all the rage this winter.


Rob said...

Yep thats a great shot, the layered tights/socks/stockings look is big hear this year also with the non-plain styles being very popular.

Last year out in frisco at a street faire, I talked with a girl riding in a layering of fishnets and tights.


Colville-Andersen said...

don't tell us stuff like that unless you have photos to email to us... :-)

Rob said...

Sorry! I am bad about carrying aroudn camera's or even thinking about taking photo's if I have one. I guess I really need to get a slim model that I can carry easily in pockets.