4 December 2007

Bike Lane Transport

Typical Copenhagen. A female citizen in a frightfully short skirt, stockings and boots speeding along the bike lane, carrying an enormous bag and chatting happily away on her mobile phone.

Most bike lanes in the city are separated from the motor traffic by a kerb [US: curb] and, on the other side, separated from the pavement [US: sidewalk] by another one.

In this case, above, the bike lane was recently widened and a thick white line separates the bikes from the vehicles.

No matter, really. Everyone knows which side of the line they need to be on.

In Copenhagen, motorists are just cyclists using cars. Almost everyone rides, so this co-existence is fundemental to keeping the peace on the streets.

There are confrontations, sure. Mad cyclists and mad motorists. One in every crowd. But generally, we all just get on with it.


KULBE said...

very nice! your description reminds me the opposite feeling the ciclists may live in a less confortable environment.

Just check this photo posted on flickr:

Unknown said...

that all sounds so ideal! i wish we had the same setup where I live. Instead we are smothered by traffic and our bikelanes are merely set next to the street with cars constantly crossing over or even driving in them. It's way to dangerous. maybe it's about time to move to europe

Jeff Werner said...

Hi, love the concept and intention of the blog (I'm a blogger an cycle fashion advocate), but I'd love to s CCC push the envelope a bit more and entice me (and others) to make this an exciting site to return to. Perhaps less of the repeating images taken of people's backs on a bike. I'd love to see The Sartorialist combined with your advocacy.

Aaron78 said...

Good points jeff, and good feedback . . . for the sartorialist it's a full-time occupation, for Mikael and I it's a few shots on our journeys to and from work... but we'll work on it. I'm trying to set aside some time at the weekends to get some more exciting shots. Hope you bear with us!

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks, kulbe. cool photo you linked to.

thanks, grace, come on over anytime!

thank, jeff... as aaron said, we're just some chaps who ride to work each day. we don't go out and 'shoot'. but we do appreciate your critique.

regarding the style choice of shots of people's backs, it's practical because we are sitting on our bikes behind them and we think it is a polite way of fashion blogging/street photographing.

with that said, given the growth of the blog and the amazing numbers of visitors, we do have plans to expand photographically speaking. so stay tuned and thanks again for letting us know your opinion.