8 November 2007


Yellow, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

A slice of morning traffic in Copenhagen.
In this instance, the bike lane merges with a turning lane for cars.

According to the traffic laws, car drivers have two options. Either they can pull up tight to the curb at a red light, and bikes can slide over to the left of the car or they can stop with space for bikes on the right.

It's 50-50 really. At this intersection cars usually pull up tight to the curb because bikes [like all traffic that isn't turning] have the right of way. And this intersection features around 15,000 bikes each day so you'll have to wait a long while before you get to turn.

The bikes in the photo flow to the left of the car, in order to have a clear channel when the light changes and to allow the car to turn.

It's karma. It's cooperation. It's peaceful coexistence.

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