11 November 2007

Ready Steady Go

Ready Steady Go, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

I love this moment. The light changes - or the cyclist merely senses from experience that the light is about to change - and the body tenses, preparing to launch the bike forward.

Leaning forward, ready to push the bike a bit with the foot before sliding up onto the saddle and pedalling.

Check the traffic light... it's red but the yellow is lit, too... green follows shortly. And the cyclist is prepared to ride.


Anonymous said...

I love this moment, too. It can feel sometimes as if one is about to be premature (moving before the light changes)...yet seldom is... :)

gwadzilla said...

nice words for a fantastic photo

it is like a racer at the line
waiting for the gun

Colville-Andersen said...

I agree... it's an exciting moment. A moment of expectation where instinct plays an enormous role.

Anonymous said...

...i agree & know the sentiments but unfortunately, half the time in this country, you're safer to hold up a heartbeat so that last idiot running the red in his car, gets out of your way...

Anonymous said...

i love this pic, nice city, nice bike and nice girl everything is perfect!!!