8 November 2007

Guest Photo: Singapore

This photo popped into our inbox from our "biggest fan in Singapore", Aaron, and we thank you, mate, for thinking of us.

Aaron snapped this shot of a good friend of his as they cycled along a beach path. "It's an eternal summer here, so no coats or boots. Shorts and flip flops are the status quo", he tells us - making us green with envy as the winter encroaches upon Copenhagen.

Aaron fills us in on bike culture in Singapore:

"In Singapore bike culture is prevalent, but in a different manner. Since most of the residential areas are quite a distance from the city center, what most of the Singaporeans do is that they cycle to the MRT (that's our metro) station before taking a train to the Central Business District [CBD].

"The bike lane pictured is on the East Coast of Singapore, and it runs along the length of the entire eastern coast of Singapore, starting from the CBD in the south."

Thanks for giving us an insight into bike life in Singapore, Aaron. We pleased you took the time to write and we hope to get back to Singapore one day... this time with our bikes in tow.

A quick search gave us this link to add flavour to the post: Cycling in Singapore.


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