1 November 2007

Guest Photo: Paris

N-E, originally uploaded by KULBE.

Our main main KULBE snapped this shot of chic Parisians looking all Copenhagenish on the streets of the city.

"Natural, elegant and rides MTB", as Kulbe's caption reads. Indeed. I don't understand city riders who use those old fashioned mountain bikes. It's so 90's.

A lovely capture, Kulbe.

And while we're exploiting the French angle, we are very pleased about this mention in the French magazine L'Express.
Merci bien!

"Le premier blog, c'est Cycle Chic - Copenhagen Girls on Bikes. Comme son nom l'indique, il s'agit d'un album-photo de copenhagoises (ça se dit ça ?) à vélo. C'est Bénédicte qui me l'avait recommandé quand je m'étais vélibaptisée. Quelle trouvaille ! Je sais à quel point il est difficile de prendre de bonnes photos de gens à vélo, je n'en apprécie donc que mieux le travail qui nous est montré là. Certaines photos du site sont d'une qualité remarquable, les filles dégageant une aisance et une grâce fascinantes. Très inspirant."

Merci bien!


Anonymous said...

You can't imagine how much I love your blog, so inspiring to me. I take pics of looks myself, but will probably never be able to catch someone I like on a bike, it goes to quickly for me. That's why I admire you so much!

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks so very much for the kind words. and thanks for the mention in L'Express, if you're responsible for that!

Anonymous said...

I just put on my blog the translation of your interview with F&ART, very interesting, thanks!

ek said...

It's nice to see Velib getting so much international press. It seems it's also getting lots of use by people of all walks of life, from Sting to this smartly-attired gentleman.