16 November 2007

Guest Photo: NYC

Grand Street: Texting, originally uploaded by moriza.

We found this exquisite photo on Flickr, taken by the very excellent photographer, Moriza

The title: Grand Street: Texting

We hurried and added it posthaste to our Cycle Chic collection of guest photos.

A little slice of Copenhagen in the heart of the Big Apple.


Anonymous said...

Classy babe on a classy bike.

Bet I'm likely the only guy to notice that the bike appears to be a Schwinn, a Schwinn Suburban of apprximately 1980 vintage.

Anonymous said...

love the bike and the heels... but texting in the middle of NYC traffic is pretty stupid.

DeepBlueSea said...

the famous fashion blog, thesartorialist.com , occasionally 'shoots' cyclists. Sometimes in NYC, sometimes in Paris, or Milan or Sthlm maybe.

Some of his bike-rider shots have been hugely popular with commenters...

There is a label to the right where you can see all his shots of well-dressed cyclists.

Colville-Andersen said...

You're not the only one who notices the bike... :-) you might be one of the few who actually knows what it is, though.

texting on a bike is illegal here in Copenhagen, but rarely enforced.

thanks, deepbluesea. i know his work well. cool stuff.