26 November 2007

Copenhagen Snow Boots

Go, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

We had our first modest snowfall last night. We woke up to a lovely cityscape of dusty whiteness.

The girl pictured is wearing standard, elegant "snow boots". A little adverse weather doesn't have to stop anyone from being stylish.

The weather in Copenhagen is similar to Vancouver in Canada or even Seattle. We get a bit more snowfall - a couple of big dumps each winter - but there is nothing that stops the bike traffic.

When you have a dedicated bike lane infrastruture, you need - bien sur - dedicated bike lane street cleaning machines.

When it really snows here, they race along the bike lanes - alongside the snowploughs on the streets - and make the bike lanes ready for the next wave of bikes.


Anonymous said...

You lucky guys !
Here in France, they cleanup the street and throw the snow on the bike lanes... (when there's a bike lane... ;-) )

Colville-Andersen said...

what a shame... time to move to Nice, n'est pas?

Nice weather and bike lanes

thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

High-five from Chicago.....where my gal pals & I ride all year 'round (sporting our high heels of course). ;)

Nice to see we are not "freaks" by doing so....mid-western city-folk just can't relate...well, the occasional man can in the summer oogling us in our dresses!

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks for that comment, anonymous! You go, girls! You'd fit right in in Copenhagen! Be chic, be cool and ride with a tailwind.

the mostly reverend said...

when we have foul weather here--year-round, be it snow or ice or tornadic-strength wind storms--the bike trals and paths are ALWAYS an after-thought, and large trees [not just branches] may block the trails for days stretching into weeks.
it's more than sad and angering, it's potentially tragic. the governing units will quickly post a fence and sign, closing the route, and then ignore actually DOING something about it.

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks, mostlyreverend.
i would dare say that our forest paths are also untended in winter, too.

but in the city, they're pretty good at ploughing the snow.