24 October 2007

Momentum has given us momentum

Our fine friends at the very fine Momentum Magazine have interviewed Aaron and I about our two blogs;


And there's one of my photos on the cover. Not to mention the others in the mag.

Thanks very much to Momentum and Amy for the interview.

It's a free bike magazine based out of Vancouver, Canada and you can download it from their website. http://www.momentumplanet.ca/

Read it all, of course, but be sure you start with page 14... :-)


the mostly reverend said...

perhaps she covered the question i posed in the earlier post.
i'll have to give it a read.

Colville-Andersen said...

I saw the question. It's mostly street photography in its purest form.
Although if the subject notices, there is usually just a rolling of the eyes or a smile.
after a series of the photos where published in a design magazine here, i was contacted by some of the subjects, who recognised themselves, and they asked for copies of the photos.

Sometimes we take photos of female friends for the blog, too.

Kati said...

Congratulations on the interview. The photographs in this blog are always so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

say Bob (er... mostly rev),

Ever notice that the image you've chosen as avatar is ~1.6 MILLION BYTES!

OK, so Sumo Wrestlers are known for their heft, but that's a lot of weight to be throwing around the nets as an avatar.

Consideration of others, not to mention LSU's bandwidth may lead you to shrink a copy down to perhaps a more respectable 100-200K.

The message will still be as clear, and the world will be a better place!

To Aaron & Zakka - Aces, my men. Beautiful site, wonderfully done. Going to grab the Momentum mag now!

Anonymous said...

Dear bloggers,

this blog is also featured in the British Citycycling magazine. Very nice read for the people that are interested

Jack, editor www.ligfiets.net
chairman www.cyclevision.nl

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks for all the comments, everyone.