29 October 2007

Guest Photo: USA - "US Girls Ride, Too"

This waltzed its way into our inbox with the subject reading, "US Girls Ride, Too".
A wonderful photo from our good friend and photographer Derek Pearson in Olympia, Washington, USA.
The photo features his wife and she, he tells us proudly, rides to work every day.

A great photo, Derek, and thanks for sending it along to us. Great to see some quality Cycle Chic from your side of the pond. A cool bike, too.

Check out Derek's bicycle site Bike Rubbish here. And be sure to check out his professional photographer site here.


Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw this on Derek's site, I thought, "Somebody ought to send this to Cycle Chic." And somebody did. Huzzah!


Jason Crane
RocBike.com | The RocBike Review
"Nothing To Lose But Our Chains!"

Derek said...

haha cool. and thanks! I'll pass this along to Sara :)

Paige said...

Yay, its so lovely to recognize those boats in the background! Though I've never seen her riding specifically, there are many excellent cyclists in the area.

I <3 bikes in Olympia!

Colville-Andersen said...

Glad you all like it. [although those boats look like the boats down the street from me, 8000 km from Olympia, USA... :-)]

Anonymous said...

I love the sassy boats in the background.

Christa said...

Stunning, I love it!

Where's the Seattle Cycle Chic blog?