25 October 2007

Guest Photos: From Portugal

Our good friend Ricardo has sent us this guest photo from the streets of Lisbon and we thank him for this lovely insight into the life of the Portugese capital. As we can see it is important to keep a careful eye on the traffic lights.

Ricardo is the author of Bicicleta na Cidade - or Bicycle in the City - a great blog about Lisbon's rising bike culture. It's in Portugese, of course, but it is an important spoke on the wheel of increased bike awareness in Europe. We love the trams of Lisbon but we love the bikes even more.

And this just in... another Portugese bike moment, high in the mountains of the country. Thanks to Hugo for submitting the photo. Two Portugese photos at once. Wonderful!

Thanks for thinking of us, Ricardo and Hugo! And thanks for taking the time to submit a photo of bike culture in your fine country. We wish you a permanent tailwinds whenever you're on your bike.


RH said...

Very nice photo from Lisbon, the city where I live. Very nice from you to accept a picture from Lisbon and publish it. Congratulations for this wonderful blog. It is becoming very popular in Portugal.

Kati said...

These are both most beautiful photographs. Very nicely done.


tiagogoncalves said...

And I'm another Portuguese who usaly read your blog!

good work!

Aaron78 said...

Thanks for the lovely comments! We hope you keep checking in on us!

Manchas said...

yehh, portuguese people is watchin you;o) i like all your pictures a lot,and i see them like the moments of freedom that are missing here in Portugal, although sometimes we can see people here like the girls in the pictures, that is really great.
Big hugs and thank you for these moments=o)

Colville-Andersen said...

I ditto Aaron... thanks! And Viva Portugal!