15 October 2007

An experiment

I take a lot of shots that don't make it onto Cycle chic for one reason or another so I thought I'd gather some recent ones into a slideshow. If this works, I might do it more regularly. Hope you're all doing good and thanks for all the lovely comments we've had recently!


Anne said...

Brilliant content. More, more more!

. said...

i like it. and i think some of them would perfectly fit the blog

Robert Walton said...

Great stuff - I'm really impressed by the volume of work images on such a specific subject (albeit a ubiquitous image in Copenhagan).

All of the pictures are fun to see, but some of them really stand out as excellent. Keep posting your work.

Aaron78 said...

Thanks everybody! Will definitely be posting the occasional sideshow from now on.

I just had a daydream that we were sponsored by some big camera-maker and it meant I could give up my dayjob and just spend my time biking round Copenhagen taking shots. Could you imagine anything finer?!

the mostly reverend said...

just a technical comment: since adding the flickr there as a "photo post" it takes longer for your site to load. perhaps just a link to it from time to time, or an announcement that a new collection is up.
maybe that's just my american impatience creeping threw? i have high speed dsl, et cetera...do others have this issue?
it DOES eventually load, but i'm just accustomed to it opening like "poof!"

Aaron78 said...

mostly rev, i'm not sure I follow you... is it the slideshow which is slowing things down for you? It can't be the Flickr widget in the sidebar, that is tiny. Or do you mean something else entirely?!