10 September 2007

Elegance on Wheels

Elegance on Wheels, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

Poise. Grace. Blue bike. Cool bag.
And the piece de la resistance... an elegant red glove.
This shot was taken last winter. Appropriate now that the days are cooling off and autumn is taking hold.

And allow us to send a big thanks to Dave Moulton for his article about our Bike Culture Blog. Have a read here.

And while we're at it, thanks very much to Henry in Amsterdam for his mention of our blog. Henry does for Amsterdam what we do for Copenhagen. Good European bike culture advocates have to stick together. Thanks, Henry! Dank you vel!
See Henry's post here.
See Henry's blog here - Bakfiets en meer.

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Dave Moulton said...

I have just placed a reciprocal link on my blog. This is how empires are built.

When I built frames in England in the mid 1970s I sold quite a few to a bicycle dealer in Copenhagen, his name was Richard Scho. Is there still a bike shop by that name?