18 July 2007

Too cool for school

Too cool for school, originally uploaded by Aaron78.

She saw me taking a pic and adopted this pose - cool, disaffected, distant, unknowable.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys - love your blog.

Is there anything sexier than smart, hip, urban girls on bikes? It shows you don’t need an expensive gear or fancy clothes - just a utility bike with some storage capacity and a healthy attitude.

At my local market I frequently see an elderly lady loading up her yellow fixed gear back and happily riding home. If she is capable of doing it than so can the rest of us.

Hopefully I’ll make my way to Copenhagen someday. “Smilla’s Sense of Snow” by Danish author Peter Høeg is one of my favorite books.

Good vibes from Denver - all the best - james...

p.s. list my blog if you like, I post biking advocacy articles that I find along with my travel journals (Where I always scout out utility bikes.)

Aaron78 said...

Thanks for the kind words James - if you ever make it over here, let us know... I have a spare bike. ;)