17 July 2007

It's Not Just Us!

It's not just us who find it necessary to portrait this city and it's bicycle culture.
The photo above is the cover of the Danish catalogue for Raleigh, the English [now produced in Asia] bike manufacturer.

In catalogues for other countries they highlight recreational cycling. Here in Denmark they highlight cycle chic - using a girl in heels on a city square. Which reflects very well the casual clothes that Danes wear when commuting by bike.

Heres the Danish website: http://www.raleighbikes.dk/
Here's the International version: http://www.raleigh.co.uk/

Even the web design on the Danish site reflects the Danish sense of style and design compared to the confusing int'l version.

All very interesting how marketing is different from country to country. My Canon camera, bought in Japan is called an Ixy [cute and playful name], but in Europe it's an IXUS [classy name, hinting at Greek mythology] and in the States it's a Powershot [masculine and tough].

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Apparently, as civilized as the Danish ad is, even here, the saddle is portrayed way above the handlebars... and that's on a city bike too!

Personally, I don't see very many women riding bikes set up like that.