11 July 2007

Danish Bicycle Culture

Danish Bicycle Culture, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].

Fashionable Dane - complete with red boots - boarding the Intercity train to Copenhagen.

On local and regional trains you don't have to lift your bike up stairs, you just roll them on and place them in the bike racks on board. But this is the fast intercity train. Built for speed.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely city Copenhagen is! Not only from a historic and architectural perspective, but also because it is so bike friendly. I cycled through Denmark 9 years ago and it was a completely enjoyable experience. After visiting the likes of Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and other European cities, it was difficult to return the vicinity of Toronto, Canada, where cycle paths are only now starting to proliferate. In Toronto there are several inner-city on and off road bike paths, but try to leave the urban areas, or cycle between suburban towns, and you have to take your chances with the SUVs and trucks. Hats off to you, Copenhagen!

D. Banerjee - Bolton, Ontario