13 December 2010

Cycle Chic in the Spanish Press

Cycle Chic's own Barcelona ambassador, Txell, featured in an in-depth article about our Cycle Chic movement in the Spanish national newspaper, El Pais. Every time we've hooked up in Barcelona she was riding her Brompton. Nice to see her groovy upright bicycle.


It's worth noting that the Culture of Fear regarding 'safety' equipment really is a regional phenomenon and not something you see many places.

Jaime Serramalera, designer.

Jordi Pedrosa, owner of menswear stores M69 next to 'Perez', his golden retriever.


blessingsgoddess said...

Barcelona must be warmer for cycling !

Txell said...

My violet bike is a vintage Spanish classic!

abbie said...

What kind or brand of bike do Jordi Pedrosa and Jaime Serramalera have? Wish there is available way back here in the philippines :(

Kurt said...

All very chic. Personally, I would like to find the bike Jaime Serramalera has. And of course the women are setting the fashion tone here.

Miguel said...

Those foldable bikes that Jordi and Jaime have, are Bromptons... I'm waiting for mine!