4 November 2012

Autumnal Yellow Backdrop

The best part of autumn. Leaves blanket the city like a duvet, providing a splash of welcome colour and a perfect background for cycling photographs.
Autumnal Flow
The gloves are out in force again. A sure sign that autumn is irreversible.
Autumnal Yawn
And now that we've moved the clocks back an hour and the days are getting shorter, yawning will undoubtably increase. :-)


Klaus Mohn said...
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Klaus Mohn said...

With the title, I thought this was gonna be yet more Nørrebrogade shots :)

joehebden said...

The leaves are looking good !

Anonymous said...

You set your clocks back too? I thought we americans were the only one's with that silly habit. Ok, I like that I get to sleep in a bit, but darn it gets dark early now!

marce said...

Guys do you know by any chance what brand is this bike? Thanks, Marcello

Kharkov Cycle Chic said...

Last man looks some bored ))