15 October 2010

Barcelona & Txell

Bicilona Txell 005
Hanging out with my friend Txell is inevitable on any trip I make to Barcelona. We ride around the city and invariably stop at cafés or bars to chat. Txell is the mastermind behind Barcelona Cycle Chic, of course.
Bicilona Txell 001
This time she was sporting a lovely trench from the Danish designer Margit Brandt. Which she bought in Italy... vive l'europe!
Bicilona Txell 003
Her powder blue Brompton folding bike, however, was the same as it ever was.
Bicilona Txell 004


Ally said...

What sort of bag does she have?

Anonymous said...

How do you pronounce Txell? It is an interesting name.

eva.lu said...

Txell's blue Brompton is so cool!

Kiwehtin said...

Txell? Imagine a sort-of Italian equivalent: Ceglio. Now just say it without the "o" at the end.

MIkael: Judging from the dominant colour in these pictures I C U grok groc!

Txell said...

hi! txell is a catalan name that comes from meritxell which means mar (sea) and cel (sky)in its origins. the pronounciation of "tx" is like "ch"